Tips to citizens Do's and do not
  • If telephone number of local Police Station is not available then dial 100 for Police Station during emergency.

Documents Required for Durga Puja Permission

  • Name and address with identity proof of the President, Secretary and other persons / volunteers with contact numbers of the Durga Puja Committee who are celebrating the Durga Puja with declaration that no subscription will be collected forcibly.
  • No objection declaration of the land owner where the Durga Puja is going to be held with clearance certificate of BL & LRO.
  • Clearance Certificate to be obtained from Electricity Department.
  • Clearance Certificate to be obtained from Fire Brigade Authority.
  • Map of the place with entry and exit point where the Durga Puja going to be held.
  • Clear Route map to be given from where the procession with idol Durga will go during the day of immersion.
  • Last year permission copy with statement of accounts regarding income and expenditure.

Documents Required for Passport Verification by District Intelligence Officer(DIO)

  • Any 03 (three) identity proof documents required ie, Voters Identity Card / Ardhar Card / PAN Card / Ration Card / Driving License / Certificate issued from any Educational Institution to prove Indian citizenship.
  • Ward Councilors / Municipality Chairman’s Certificate or Certificate issued by Anchal Pradhan, Bank Pass Book with photo identity required to prove residential address.
  • If any suspicion exist, Land Record deed of the candidate or his / her parents to prove the residence of the candidate of a particular locality.
  • Birth Certificate issued from Municipality / Gram Panchayat Office to prove the age of the candidate. However Educational Secondary Examination Admit Card / Certificate issued from any Board or certificate issued from School will fulfill to determine the age of the candidate those who don’t have any Birth Certificate.
  • Self Declaration of at least 02 (two) respectable persons of the locality where the candidate resides with their photo identity proof (either Voters Identity Card / Ardhar Card etc) to prove the character and antecedents of the candidate.
  • Police Clearance Certificate that no criminal case / civil case are pending against the candidate.
  • Physical presence of the candidate is required before the Enquiry Officer as the candidate is required to put his specimen signature in the Enquiry Form.

Safety on Road

  • Maximum speed of a motorcycle should be within 50 kilometres per hour.
  • Maximum speed of a passenger vehicles should be within 65 kilometres per hour.
  • The vehicles should have speed governors so that the speed should not cross the maximum limits.
  • Public Transports should stop only at proper stoppages. Do not get down other than proper stoppage.
  • Be careful in opening door of any side door of vehicle on road and look back, front and other sides before opening to avoid accident.
  • Do not change lane suddenly.
  • Do not overtake in any congested place or crossings.
  • Do not put your hand or any part of your body outside the window of a vehicle.
  • Pedestrians should Cross the road on zebra crossing.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Use Helmet while on two wheelers and use Seat Belt if available in the vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Safety on railway

  • Do not accept any food/snacks /tea/coffee from any unknown person.
  • Do not stand on the door of the coach.
  • Do not get up or get down from or to a running train .Better late than never.
  • Be extremely careful while changing the coach.
  • Do not put your hand outside the window of the coach.

Safety in mobile Telephones

  • Do not entertain any alluring message of getting lottery ,wining a prize etc.
  • Do not use mobile phone on road even while walking /driving and in the railway station while getting up or down from a train.

Safety while handling computers and internet

  • User ID and Password should not be disclosed ,Use anti virus ,For E transaction URL / Web site address should be verified before transaction.

Safety in the house

  • Have a through enquiry before engaging any person for help .Inform police about the persons working in home.
  • Thorough enquiry is to be made about a tenant before allowing your house to be rented out.
  • Inform police about any stranger/suspicions person moving near house.
  • Take sufficient precaution about the electrical wiring specially be alert about the children and babies.
  • Keeping alternate exit gate is equally important like putting proper lock and key for preventing entry of unauthorised persons.
  • Unnecessary switching on electrical systems invites risk of electrocution and fire accident.
  • Use MCB(Miniature Circuit Breaker), Lightning Arrester/conductor where ever required.
  • Do not throw any rubbish from the high rise building. Use dustbin.
  • Try to clean the surroundings regularly.

Tips for avoiding Bank frauds

  • Do not be allured by abnormally higher interest by any Chit Funds,Banks,Non Banking Institution,Financial Institutions etc.
  • Do not disclose your PIN number, Account Number, Card Number, CVV, OTP, Net Banking Password etc before any body.
  • Be careful in the ATM also and if there is any kind of irregularity noticed then inform to the Bank authority or police.

In shops,Markets,Malls

  • Take care of your purse, Pocket ,Mobile telephones etc to avoid pick pocketing.
  • Take precaution in E transaction like using Credit card, Debit Card etc.

While applying pass port

  • The following documents are to be kept ready for police verification–Birth certificate, Voter identity card/Adhar Card /PAN Card/ Ration Card, Residential proof like electricity bill, Telephone bill, Educational Qualification etc.

While Abroad

  • Take care of your passport properly,In any problem contact the Indian Embassy.

While applying permission for puja pandal

  • follow the guides line from Police Station ,Local Municipal body, Fire and Emergency Services WBSEB/CESC Authorities etc.

Police verification in connection with employment

  • Following documents are to be kept ready like Date of Birth ,Educational qualification, Character certificate ,Citizenship documents like voter identity card /Adhar card etc.

On General Security Matter

  • Do not handle unclaimed suspicious substance, Inform police about suspicious objects.
  • Take extreme care while handling explosives, Fire crackers.
  • During any disaster Do not be panic special Care should be taken for the children, Sick persons,disabled, Ladies, senior citizens etc.
  • While in fare or festivals, avoid rush specially when you are with children, ladies or elderly persons.
  • The organisers should take precaution for opening as many exit gates as possible for easy dispersal of public to prevent any stampede.
  • In a swimming pool /river/sea or any water bodies do not enter unless you have proper knowledge of swimming. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  • Avoid loudspeaker except during emergency.
  • Citizens have certain fundamental duties before thinking about their rights.
  • Give respect to other religions customs, traditions etc Tolerate the behaviour and opinion of others unless these are illegal in nature.
  • What ever you do not want others to do against yourself, your action similarly should not cause in convenience to others.